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Saturday, 2 March 2013

A New Beginning..

So I really wasn't sure what on earth I would write as my first post upon entering the fascinating world of online blogging. I am not a writer by trade or be nature. My artistic calling lies in the form of working with my hands, working with metals, glass and fabric, being behind the camera lens or being sat at the computer for hours on end, getting slightly irate with the pen tool on illustrator. I have finally taken the ginormous leap of putting my work out there for people to buy. Wow, its scary and exciting at the same time, but I defiantly feel ready for the challenge.

I thought blogging would be the perfect accompaniment. I love to sit down with a good cuppa and a bakewell slice and peruse over my favorite blogs. Something about the blogging community seems so personal and friendly, like the perfect next door neighbour. You get to know one another, take the time to appreciate another’s thoughts, ponder, learn something new. It’s very refreshing in a world where we have become very connected on a technological level, but in some aspects very disconnected on a personal one. Blogging seems to blend the technology and the personal, enabling us to embrace what is new but still feeding that need we have, as humans, to interact on a personal level. A blog will also provide the perfect place to collect all my thoughts, record inspirations and detail my journey.

In addition to this blog and starting up my own little business on Etsy, I have just began the intense studying for the Massachusetts Teacher Tests, along with working full time in retail and managing a home plus hubby…. Oh boy, what a busy few months ahead!        



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